Thursday, October 6, 2011

Chili Time Thai Restaurant

I really crib about the bland food i get at the restaurants here. What would be an Indian food with spices. I bet, a normal khichdi(cheese less indian risotto) would taste better than that. The Mexican food is not really Mexican, all the taste has been adjusted to dutch palate. I understand that they can't really take spices. But, for the people like us, who have arrived from Asia recently, they have to compromise on the taste. Being a vegetarian, I am anyway left limited option.

Well, last Friday me n hubby, finally went to a Thai restaurant that he had been telling me about for past couple of weeks. He didn't really say much about its food to me than about the owner/worker there. who speaks Hindi very well and is a big fan of Bollywood movies.

I liked the decor, nice cozy place, red walls with Buddha face masks and wall hangings and just right amount of light. Since we weren't very hungry and also limited vegetarian options, we ordered spring rolls for starters and ice teas and in main course mango salad and 'Kaeng Khiaw Wan' Green curry with coconut sauce prepared with various Thai vegetables(as this curry was marked with two chilies, means mild chili. there wasn't any curry with three chili mark) and i thought per dutch standard this would suit us) and steam rice were on the house.

Spring rolls were nice cooked, golden and crisp, but the quantity of vegetable filling was very less. Mango salad as you saw in the picture above, was made of ripe mangoes. which was little sweet but tasted good. The Thai green curry, as i mentioned above was mild but would had appreciated more variety of Thai vegetables having said that, the flavor was great. I was happy with it. At least no bland food. Dessert section didn't offer any Thai dessert so didn't have any there.

And about that owner/worker (looked South East Asian, i didn't try to confirm, who he was of the two, was quite a friendly person, was personally going to take the feedback at every table that too in their language. I heard him speaking in Spanish and dutch as well and he spoke to my husband in fairly good Hindi.

As we were walking back home which was around 3 km, we stopped by for coffee at a Very Italian Pizza, a new Italian joint just outside Blaak Station. We ordered a cappuccino each and a Panna Cotta.

Panna Cotta was yum. And for cappuccino this has become my favourite place in Rotterdam. where, the second time i tasted the real cappuccino. I had mentioned about my first here

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