Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fresh Lemon grass drink

Oh! Its been more than 2 years ... that i had posted any recipe.

Well, while I was travelling to Singapore in April this year, and since i love Thai Food, so went to this restaurant, where I used to go quite often, when i used to live there, it’s called Lerk Thai (in Bugis). It has many branches in couple of food courts in Singapore; but there, they don’t really offer veg. dishes, so i have to go to Bugis. So here, we ordered our standard dishes (Deep Fried Tofu with sweet n chilli sauce, Raw papaya/mango Salad, Green curry (in Red Curry they use shrimp paste) and steamed/ pineapple rice and water chestnut with coconut cream in dessert. I also ordered this Fresh Lemon Grass drink. which was so refreshing..... the most refreshing drink i had ever had.

So, when i came back to Delhi, thought to make some Green Curry for my Parents n my dear Sis in law. I headed to INA
market, where I get all the international food stuff. I got all stuff that i wanted, Galanjal (thai ginger), Lemon Grass, Lime leaves, curry paste (there are two kinds of pastes available, one with shrimp paste and other one is pure veg.(which comes in a bottle), you can get that in any supermarket as well.) and Green baby Brinjals as well. Wow!

So i headed back n prepared the green curry. Then realised, i was left with an Inch of Galangal; few lime leaves, and a stick of lemon grass. Thought to try to make that drink out of it. When i was cutting these for my curry ... these ingredients had reminded me of that freshness.. and the aroma is so refreshing.. i am unable to describe that in words.

Here is how i made that drink.(Makes for 4)
1. Stick of lemon grass (cut them into pieces)
2. Few Lime leaves
3. An Inch of Galangal
4. Few Basil leaves (optional)5. 3 tbsp (or to taste) of Sugar/ honey
6. 1 lt. Water7.Mint/Basil leaves for garnishing.


Boil the water and add sugar.Meanwhile muddle all the other ingredients.
Cool the mixture, till it reaches the room temp and refrigerate it.

While serving strain it and add just one or max 2 ice cube in the glass (i avoid ice as it further diluted
with water on the melting of the ice, i recommend to prepare the drink in advance, chill it in the refrigerator)

You may garnish the drink wit
h Mint/basil leaves and Serve!!

Quick version
of the recipe: I Boil water in the kettle and in a jug i put all the other ingredients.
Pour the boiling water into the jug and let it cool, then refrigerate.

(these Pics were taken when i made this drink out of quick version of the recipe)

But definitely, the original recipe tastes better as all the aroma n flavour is infused in the water well as its boiling.