Monday, April 21, 2008

RaThi ke dhabe waali chutney!!!

let me introduce to Mr. Rathi. He had a small little dhaba in the parking lot of my office in gurgaon. The speciality were the parathas with different fillings. Though my fav. paratha filling is Gobhi (cauliflower) but i always loved the Aloo Parathas there. which he used to serve with a chutney ( which i had never tasted before) and curd. Curd coz compliment the chutney as it was quite Hot due to green chillis as one of the main ingredient in that!

Once i had gone to have my dinner there as i was suppose to work till late. And the dhaba had only one burner! which was causing hell lot of delay in preparing the parathas....and i could see big fully filled kadai on burner ... then i got to know .. m not getting any parathas for dinner now .. well, i just ordered tea which he had just prepared before placing the kadai on burner... while haaving tea he told me how to pepare that chutney @ home!!!

so it is here with some little variation ....

Onions - as much u can
green Chillies- much u want (chop them but not very finely, 3/4 cm piece)
e.g . if u r taking 4 onions then take 6-7 small green chillies, this is what i take, if u want less hot chutney then reduce the no. of chillies)
Galic - 6-7 flakes (chop them finely)
salt to taste
dried corriander - 3/4 table spoon,
dried mango powder - 1 tsp
turmeric - 1 tsp
Oil - 2 table spoon.

Heat a pan put oil, Saute the garlic first, put turmeric, dry corriender powder and dry mango powder. Then add the chopped onions and chillies and mix them well .... add salt to taste and mix it again ... and cook the chutney on medium heat till the oil seperates.

The chutney is ready! don't forget to serve curd also with it! atleast u'll never forget to do that if u would forget once! :)