Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My first Pizza, Tiramisu and Cappuccino in Italy @ Vintimiglia

Last week, We (me n my hubby) were Traveling to South of France, the last day we thought, we thought we should touch Italy.. We were just very few Kms away. I wanted to have the Pizza in Italy and my Most Fav. dessert Tiramisu! at around noon, we made a plan to go to Ventimiglia, the first city in Italy if you go from France, it comes after Menton.

Initially i thought, as its just adjacent to France, so would be like same. and its just 15 minutes from Eze, the last stop in France if you go by train. The moment i alighted from the train the feel of it was so diff., the people,the Language (ofcourse) and the architecture and also the culture. it was indeed more crowded.

since we were only left with few hours and we were hungry as well, so decided to go to tourism office, where we hoped to find somebody to speak to in English! Somebody from the station told us to go towards right but couldn't explain the correct direction.. but we headed towards right but couldn't find anything. then we asked from a shop keeper, he asked us to go left , so we aheaded back. There again we couldn't find anything, we asked again from a restaurant owner thankfully he could speak good English. and told us that the office used to be there in the past but now have shift towards right and gave us the direction, where to turn. so we again went towards right but this time we managed to find the office.

There we asked about the restaurant, i read about on virtual tourist website and the places of interest and also we asked if it was ok to roam around in dark as my hubby was little skeptical about it. She assured us that its fine!. The restaurant we were searching for was just across the bridge in the first lane of the old town as per the lady in the tourist office. we went there and couldn't find it. And we were so hungry that we wanted to just get into the first restaurant we see. Then we asked from a passerby, about the restaurant again. he tried to find but couldn't locate. he looked Indian, and i think he was also curious to know if we were also. he could barely speak English so asked us, where from where we were. We told him India. he said he was from Bangladesh. Then he was feeling good and ask if we knew Hindi. so then he told about the area and took us toward sea side where the restaurants were. And recommended us a restaura
nt where they serve fabulous fish and asked us to say memu. i thought thats the name of that dish ...like nimo!:P but apparently it was his name. When he left, we thought he must be a chef or work at the restaurant. Never the less he tried to help us. the restaurant around there were clossed for lunch for their staff. So we decided to go towards new town as we walk towards the new town direction we had to take a bridge, suddenly we saw a restaurant where people were entering. We decided to check that out! what we find that it was the restaurant, which we were trying to find for past an hour and a half.

we took deep breadth and hoping to get good Pizza, as recommended. It wasn't any fancy restaurant. but i love these kinds. everything was in Pink. walls, table clothes, Napkins... I ordered Margarita and my hubby ordered one with Salami.

Ristorante Pizzeria La Vecchia Napoli, is a family run pizzeria. Not an English spoken staff but still manage very well. great service! The menu is dominated with Pizza but other offerings of Italian dishes too. The choice is quite extensive and and usual toppings especially Italian prosciutto ham, mozzarella, seafood,olives and vegetables.

Tiramisu was just perfect,just melted in the mouth. The exact sweetness that i look for in it.

Hubby suggested to have Cappuccino also, which Italian coffee preparation, didn't disappointed us either. In fact, this was one of the best cappuccino i had ever had.

The Pizza would cost you anywhere between 5 to 8 euros. i chose 1/4 pitcher of rose wine costed 3 euros. our meal including 2 pizzas,1/4 pitcher wine, a portion of Tiramisu n 2 Cappuccinos costed us under 20 euros. Not Bad!

Oh yes, while we were there.. they also played a song from Kal Ho na Ho! cool na!

After the meal.. we were so full to move... then we moved towards new town the view of old town from the bridge was awesome... we went by the see and sat on the pebbles... and enjoyed the sunset! how romantic !!! :)

We decided to walk ahead towards New town on the road by the sea .... there were restaurants... on both sides of the road ...but mainly on left... live music .. great weather.. people dining out at the street... mainly families. I was talking pic of a guitarist who was quite interestingly entertaining the people in a restaurant and suddenly offered m to dance ... first i was little shock by his action then .. did few Salsa moves that i know .. smiled and walked off!!! :)

Walking on the streets where people having fun while dining out we had completely lost track of the time! and we realized that we were too far from station .. we rushed back but we missed the tain by 3-4 minutes... ah :(.. The station buffet and souvenir shop open. we decided to spent out time there ... the next train was after 2 hours. There was a great variety and gift options in the shop ... diff. pasta packed nicely for a gift... pestos .. oils... biscotti .. aah many stuff ... i was so tempted to but one of all the variety.. but due to weight constraint just could buy only few stuff..

Spinach spaghetti, chili Oil(tall bottle), Peppercorns n Garlic n Herb oil, biscotti Packets, chili paste, oil n vinegar bottle( just for their bottle's design n how they are coupled together and more pasta packets...

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