Hi, this is Ashima and I love to Cook and to Travel.

Originally from New Delhi, India currently lives in Rotterdam with my Husband. Actually i started food blogging in my other personal blog where I documented my initial experiments of re-creating the dishes or drinks we used to eat in expensive restaurant in Singapore.

Singapore, the restaurant capital of the world! Where I went for work and place where I discovered that I cooked also cook! Initially used to call my mom (from whom I have inherited cooking and the hard work involved for the same) to know the recipes of the basic dals (lentils). Then slowly I picked up cooking and entertaining friends with loads of home cooked Indian meal. Felt top of the world when once my mom called me to get the recipe of a Pasta dish a created out of fluke!

But I am Lazy! Super Lazy to document the recipes. There are so many pictures I clicked during cooking that I have to write here.

I use my phone camera to click these pictures for a simple reason that its super handy and always with me. I don’t have to be really cautious about handling camera.  I shoot them in natural light. During winters when light is low i switch on all the lights in the kitchen (lamp on ceiling, another in chimney and there is one on top of the working shelf under the kitchen cabinets.)

Ashtancookingworld is all about what I cook in my kitchen- the recipes i created! Or learnt from someone over the phone or Internet or books or magazines, my restaurant visits (I don't review- its my experience) and my travel.

I am a vegetarian.

I love Mexican food and to go to Mexico and learn their street food and moles, I am learning Spanish.

I love Sangria.

I have a fav. knife which I use to cut/chop anything and everything.

Silicon Spatula is the must have, in whichever kitchen I cook.

I want a Gas stove. I don’t like the electric black stoves.