Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Frambozen Cream! a.k.a Raspberries cream

Raspberries are called Frambozen in Dutch.

I saw the pack of raspberries puree at Albert Heijn in the chill section. the puree is made of fresh raspberries with no sugar and preservatives added. There was a buy one get one free promotion on it. So I just grabbed it. But then thought, what would i do with 2? but i bought them anyway!

I had initially picked one up to add in Cream Cheese Frosting for the cupcakes.

A friend after having cup cake, asked for just more of frosting in a bowl if i had in left over. And she just loved it. So i thought this could be the a dessert in itself.

I thought that it would be quite fattening as well. Then i thought to use hung curd instead of cream cheese.

I hung curd for 2 hours in Muslin cloth to get the waterless creamy texture while whipping it!

So here is how i made it.


1 packet Frombozen puree (You may puree at home also).

Hung Curd ( I used 250Gm Greek curd tub, strained the water using muslin cloth and twisted the clothe to take out as much water i could and hung it over the sink for 2 hours)

1 tbsp sugar

2 tbsp cream

fresh raspberries. (chop half of them)


  1. In a deep pan, Boil the raspberries puree and dissolve the sugar it in. Let it cool.
  2. Whip the hung curd and cream together.
  3. add the puree mixture into this bowl and mix it well.
  4. add the chopped raspberries and mix.
  5. chill it for at least an hour.

Garnish with remaining raspberries before serving!

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