Monday, September 26, 2011

My New Toy n a Dinner with friends

Day before yesterday, i got my new toy! A food processor Yeah!!! "Chopping or cutting se ab na ho pareshan ... prastut hai aapka samadhan ... har grahni ka rakhe dhyan aur badaye samman..." by me!

PS. this is not endorsement of any brand and product. These are my personal views.

This is a bliss.. specially here at maid less houses. where i have to do everything on my own. So next few days, i will be spending exploring ts functions. Well, until now i had hand blenders n mixers n mixies but never a food processor as such.

Well, Yesterday we had invited my husband's friends for dinner. Non- Indian and they couldn't take spice. So i had to cook an Indian food without spice. which was a challenge and i failed because till now i really dunno, how can i not put spices in food or just skip chili powder and Garam masala.

Anyway, to play safe, i cooked, Baked Stuffed Mushroom with cheese...Pita bread n Hummus... Mozzarella,Black olives n Pesto bruschetta...Gazpacho... Biryani....Lemon rice..Tiramisu. Out of these only Biryani and lemon rice were out of Indian cuisine. Well they liked it all and my husband (without me asking him .. how was it?) himself praised about the Tiramisu. Which means i passed with distinction :. Out of his friends, one was Spanish and he really liked the Gazpacho i prepared .. which has definitely boosted my confidence.


Shilpi said...

Kya baat hai! Itni saari sexy dishes...keep up the good work... BTW I remember how excited I was, when I got my food processor in London and I remember Vidit pulling my leg about it :))

~@$HIM@~ said...

i could never imagine.. i could be so happy about food processor ... hahaha m waiting for another small blender also!!... haha
yahan aake ..bagair maid ke khana banake.. ab ho gaya aaisa mera haal... ke iphone .. ipad ka kisse khayal!!!!