Thursday, March 27, 2008


Hey Its Summer!!!!!

Its Summer in India right now and i just need some cool soothing yet nutritious. And what comes on my mind is just GAZPACHO!!! (A Spanish Cold Soup). Aah I love tomatoes .. tomato juices .. virgin merry, bloody merry.... well my no curry goes without tomatoes but only white curries miss tomatoes... in my cooking :( .. Why don't we have White Tomatoes???? WISH !!!

Anyways! how i learnt Gazpacho! well interesting story behind it! i was off alcohol when we went to a restaurant @ Clark quay in Singapore. While everyone else who went with me sipping Sangria (My Most Fav. cocktail) and i was waiting for my cold soup to come! i had no clue at that time what gazpacho is my fellow friend just said order it! its nice cold tomato juice! i was thinking, what the hell? they would just serve me a tomato juice out of a can! but when it came ... i was impressed! it was Fresh!! and the Garnishing was looking so yummy! it was Chilled!!! And the word came out of my mouth when i had my first sip was any guess?? "WOW" (m decent:P)and i ordered for second one!

Well, it was expensive! so i thought y not to search the recipe n make it on my own. googled for it! in some sites the the recipe was complicated ( I'm not criticizing what i meant that either ingredients were not available with me at that time or i had not even heard of any particular ingredient!) so, i took the basic idea and thought to improvise it on my own way! so here it is!

Tomatoes in large numbers.(12 makes for 3 glasses but again depends on the size of tomatoes. judge it yourself)
Onion - 1 small (1/2 if u have big onion)
cucumber - 1/3 of whole.
capsicum - 1 if small (half if big)
red bell pepper - 1 if small (half if big)
vinegar 3 tsp
salt to taste
sugar - 1tsp

For Garnishing finely chop the cucumber, red and green bell-peppers, spring onion, croutons (optional)

Blend the above ingredients in a blender and stain it with fine soup stainer. and put in refrigerate it 2 hours.

Garnish it small amount of finely chopped the cucumber,onion & capsicum and a small stick of celery .

ENJOY it in this Summer!!!! well all the summers! :) its a bliss!

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